December 9, 2022

10 Of Famous Superheroes That Were Almost Played by Other Actors (Read More)

It’s a lot of fun finding and replacing our favorite superheroes on our own. Consider Gina Caranao in the role of Gamora in place of Zoe Saldana, or Tom Cruise in the role of Iron Man. It would be entertaining to watch our own Marvel and other famous movie series on television. A good film requires a lot of effort, investment in animations and effects, selecting the best cast and characters, and the most important and difficult job of all, keeping those characters for another series. It’s not easy to switch between superheroes in real life or while production of the movie, but it’s not impossible to entertain yourself by swapping these superheroes with our own imagines celebrities. We’ve compiled a list of actors who could play these superheroes in our popular Marvel and action films. To give a complete superhero role, all of these celebrities were replaced by superheroes in the same scene and costumes. And after seeing these swatches, we are in wonderment. We are sure that you will enjoy the majority of these photos and wish that these heroes must have been cast in this role in the upcoming series.

Have a peek at how these celebrities could look like if they were replaced by other characters!
1. What do you think of Will Smith as Captain America?



2. Jaimie Alexander appears to be much stronger and more attractive than the original Wonder Woman.



3. If Isaiah Mustafa was casted as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy.



4. Terence Stamp as Professor X, in the role of Patrick Stewart.


5. Joaquin Phoenix replaces Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange.

6. Looper’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Star-Lord’s Chris Pratt.

7. Jim Carrey from Mr. Popper casted as Loki played by Tom Hiddleston.

8. Oh Jeez! This is how Tom Cruise would look like as Iron Man if he joined the Marvel Army.

9. Angela Bassett as Helle Berry a.k.a. Strom.

10. Channing Tatum as Thor’s Chris Hemsworth!

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