November 28, 2022

‘Happy to be where he is’: Kaavan the elephant’s new lease on life in Cambodian sanctuary

Once known as the world’s loneliest elephant, Kaavan, a 37-year-old Asian elephant, has been given a new lease on life. Kaavan’s story made international headlines after it started a campaign to free him from the Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, where he had lived for over three decades. They spent many of those years in chains, as zoo staff did not know how to care for or control Kaavan. After a six-year campaign, Kaavan was freed and moved to the Cambodia WildlIfe Sanctuary in November 2020. Now, more than a year since his arrival, Kaavan is roaming freely in a 30-acre (12ha) enclosure and has developed a bond with his new caretaker Pedro Vella and Mut, his mahout.


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